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Description: Disclaimer: I am an independent. I try to look at the facts of things. I am open to discussion and input from others. You can criticize me, you can call me an unfeeling person for not immediately believing your character arguments and looking at facts, but the fact of the matter is I'm doing what a rational person does by researching the matter and thinking for myself, so please stop with the character arguments and just focus on debate. I'm getting slightly tired of it, and of being labeled a communist for fact-checking, which makes no sense. I don't come here to satisfy whatever drama cravings you need fulfilled. I expect you to give me a serious argument and not some immature insult. Don't say: "Oh, but he started it". If you have an issue that you would like to confront me about, use your words, don't say things like "bruh" and "bullshit" that only serve to satisfy people who have no grounds in their argument. I will apologize where I have wronged you, I promise, but you are strangers on the internet, and don't expect me to take all my energy and compassion out of my family's life and dump it on to you in general.

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