Debate Hub Releases

0.01 Alpha - October 2013 - 18th January 2015

Initial development:

  1. Groups for user and data clustering.
  2. Inline discussion of ideas, pros and cons.
  3. New list design based on panels for each item with images on Groups and Issues.
  4. Dashboard of visualisation at System, Groups and Issue levels.
  5. New restful API returning CIF formatted jsonld.
  6. Timed debates with separate voting phase if required.
  7. Moderator features - splitting and merging.
  8. New Random sort order for Idea lists.
  9. Testing system for automatic A/B grouping and test specific logging.

0.1 Alpha - 19th January 2015

Speed improvements:

  1. Implementation of Caching of key datamodel classes to enhance performance.
  2. Implement memcache for Restful API.

0.2 Alpha - 8th April 2015

  1. User obfuscation: Separation of private user data from main data on Restful API calls including a security key system.
  2. New group joining management system.
  3. 'My Groups' tab in user area to show groups I manage and groups I am in.

0.3 Alpha - 22nd April 2015

  1. New homepage design showing you your Groups and Issues when logged in.
  2. New scrolling lists on homepage.
  3. Traffic light statistic on the Debate page.
  4. Small interface tweaks.

0.4 Alpha - 18th June 2015

  1. A new Moderators concept has been added to Debte Hub to allow Debate owners and group Admins to moderate Debates.
    This exposes two existing 'moderator' features: splitting an idea into more than one idea, and merging several ideas into one.
    These features where formerly only seen by system admins.
  2. New Debate sidebar section to list Debate moderators.
  3. New section under Ideas to list Moderator comments on an idea or its arguments.
  4. New Debate sideber section to show Moderator Alerts relevant for the moderators of the Debate.
  5. New Debate sideber section to show User Alerts relevant for the logged in user.
  6. Interface changes to move the 'Add Idea' form into the main section of the page to make adding Ideas more obvious.
    Also a small plus button has been added infront of the Arguments link on Ideas to show more obviously where you go to add arguments.
  7. Group admins have now been highlighted to the group by putting a border around thier picture in the Groups members list.
  8. Small interface tweaks.

0.5 Alpha - 16th October 2015

We have added the concept of phasing a debate through three timed sections. Users can choose to set time boundaries on a debate, as before, but now also time phases of the debate. There are now three phases to a phased debate:

  1. Discuss Phase: where users add ideas and arguments to the debate;
  2. Reduce Phase: (NEW) where users can allocate up to 10 lemons to the ideas they least like. These are then used to reduce to final idea list down by up to 60%;
  3. Decide Phase: where users vote on the remianing ideas to determine the most popular top 3 ideas.

1.0 - 19th November 2015

  1. User Debate Issues list shows as Debate boxes, not text list.
  2. User list added to the Admin area.
  3. Help movies added.
  4. Bug fixes.

(v 1.0)